Thank you for your interest in American Hot Rod Solutions. If it was not for you we would not be able to offer this site for the public. For this we are forever grateful. Here in after are the policies for our company, American Hot Rod Solutions. All the products sold at American Hot Rod Solutions are warranted to be intact as described and free from defects. It is the customers responsibility before purchasing any parts to ensure that the parts being purchased is correct for the application it will be installed onto. Most parts have a description as to what they fit, this is to ensure one knows before purchase what the intended fit and use are for. Many parts have measurements that are critical to fitment and application. If one has any questions they may E-mail Kerry@AmericanHotRodSolutions.com with any questions that may be of any concern. Most parts sold at American Hot Rod Solutions are aftermarket High Performance Parts, These parts may differ from the stock parts and may require that modifications be made for fitment. It is the customers responsibility to unsure before, during, and after installation and use of product that it fits and performs as needed. Many products have critical measurements that must be made to insure proper installation. American Hot Rod Solutions is not responsible for any loss or damage to property or person that may have resulted from our products. Some of these parts at American Hot Rod Solutions may not be legal to operate on the street because of local, state, or federal laws. Please check these laws before purchasing. American Hot Rod Solutions will not be held responsible for installation of wrong or defective parts. Defective parts must be returned for inspection by American Hot Rod Solutions. If deemed defective a replacement part will be issued. All refunds are subject to a restocking fee of 15-30% and or a shipping fee for special orders. New condition returns will be accepted with in 60 days only. All refunds must be in NEW condition and are subject to approval of American Hot Rod Solutions. Shipping cost is the customers responsibility. All refunds and defects must be approved before returning  via Phone or E-mail by American Hot Rod Solutions. It is at the sole discretion of American Hot Rod Solutions to deny or approve any claims for refunds, defects, or warranty.  Sales on Rebuild kits are final. American Hot Rod Solutions will not be held accountable for any coincidental damage, cost or loss due to failure or use of goods.  Please be safe and cautious while installing and using any and all of our products.

Shipping cost are for the continental USA. For shipments elsewhere E-mail Kerry at the link below.

Thank you, Kerry



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